What we do:

Eye tracking

– We analyse eye tracking data and have generated a huge database of knowledge and insights over the years.

– From all the insights, reports that often uncover hidden shopper behaviour are produced and that can be purchased directly via this website.

– Need Insights can also be hired as consultants to analyse your visual communication, from websites, display ads to print and outdoor environments.

We analyse shopper behaviour

We have extensive experience from both qualitative and quantitative market research…

This means we can discover deep consumer insights using data from tools such as eye tracking, deep interviewing, website analytics, and location based services.

Location analytics

– We analyse location based data from Wi-Fi and other data sources.

– For location analytics we have developed our own plaform filtering and applying statistical analytics to big data.

– Hire us for a specific project or the creation of custom and automated reports.

Consumer data that we analyse



Usability studies
Web Page Optimization
Display advertising
A/B testing



Packaging design
Magazine ads
A/B testing

Verkliga miljöer

Real World Environments


Verkliga miljöer

Location Analytics

City centers
Pop-up stores
Traffic data

Customers recommending Need Insights:

“I think everyone should test their marketing material with eye tracking. Otherwise you won’t know how customers react and you will keep making the same misstakes over and over. “
Christer Shipley

Sales Manager, MailDirect

“The recommendations we received exceeded our expectations! The report contained a number of real eye-openers that will make a big difference on how we work with web design moving forward. “

Jonas Grenfeldt

CEO, Panang

“After implementing the recommendations from your eye tracking report, our sales increased with over 15%!”

Madeleine Zetterman

Web Manager, Falck

Interview with Business Insider Nordic

Interview with Business Insider Nordic

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Smarter cities with technology from Need Insights

Smarter cities with technology from Need Insights

Grow Smarter is an EU project where authorities and corporations join forces to build connected and smart cities of the future. Stockholm is one of three so called lighthouse cities in Europe where the new technology and solutions will be developed. Need Insights...

Usability study, how, what and why

Usability study, how, what and why

"With input taken from your study, we have definitely improved our CTR and also reduced bounce rate. So it was a well-needed study that yielded results in terms of these indicators." The above quote comes from one of our clients for whom we recently performed a...