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Expert in eye tracking

  • We do huge amounts of eye tracking tests and have built up a large reference database.
  • We are eye tracking experts and use the latest eye tracking technology.

A Swedish research & analysis company.

We measure and analyze and then visualize data for new insights that increase sales, improve understanding and enable improvement.

Expert in Location Analytics

  • Measure visitor count & trends
  • Integrate with your own platform via API or use our online dashboard
  • Gain insights and optimize KPI’s or environments

What our customers say about us:

“I think everyone should test their marketing materials with First Impression of eye tracking. It is easy to become blind for your own mistakes. “
Christer Shipley

Sales Manager, MailDirect

“The recommendations we received exceeded our expectations! Some of it, we had a heard before, but the report also contained a number of real eye-openers that will make a big difference to how we work with web design going forward. ”

Jonas Grenfeldt

CEO, Panang

”After implementing the proposals from your usability study, our conversation rate increased with 15,52%!”

Madeleine Zetterman

Web manager, Falck