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All prices for products/services sold to companies outside of Sweden, are without added VAT (Value Added Tax). The company making the purchase must enter a valid VAT number and other required company information on the online order form.

Payment is made by choosing one of the available payment options at checkout.
USD ($) and Euro (€) are accepted currencies for all orders outside of Sweden.


No warranties apply for the digital products on this website. If you lose your digital copy of the product you have purchased, the product can be downloaded up to three (3) times from the link in the order confirmation email.


There are various payment gateways and options integrated with the needinsights.com website. All payments are handled by well known and secure payment vendors, such as Stripe, only sending your information using secure and encrypted HTTPS. Always check that you are visiting a https supported website before placing your order. If for some reason you do not see the https in your browser address bar, please contact us immediately.


We use cookies to improve your experience on our website, for you to be able to make purchases, and to process your order.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files consisting of letters and numbers. These are sent from Need Insights or our partners’ web servers and stored on your device as shown below. We use different cookies:
• Session cookies are a temporary cookie that ends when you close your browser or application
• Permanent cookies are cookies that remain on your computer until you delete them or they expire.
• First party Cookies are cookies set by the website you visit.
• Third party Cookies are cookies set by third party services which can include social media buttons, advertising services etc.


Digital reports purchased on this website are delivered as PDF files via downloadable links included in your order confirmation email. The digital reports can be downloaded up to three times using the same link.


All digital products sold on this website (needinsights.com) that are delivered as PDF files, are non-refundable.


When ordering from this website you agree that your personal and company information is transferred and stored. The purpose is to lawfully fullfil the transaction and purchase order to you as a customer.

You have the right to know all personal information that has been stored about you. If any of the information is incorrect or missing, you have the right to ask for it to be corrected or removed.

More information about our Privacy Policy can be found on this webpage:

Privacy policy


If you with to get in contact with us regarding our products or terms, please send an email to info (at) needinsights com.