Packaging design

Eye tracking reveals...

In today’s noise, it is not easy to stand out.
A product packaging, however, has more purposes than to catch the attention; it will identify your brand, communicate value and convey information.

But what is the consumer perceives in the short period of eye contact with your product? What do the consumers miss? Need Insights helps to evaluate and improve current and future product packaging through testing and analysis with our eye tracking solutions.

Eye tracking of packaging design

We can test your product packaging and shelf placement on a computer or in a real environment with eye tracking glasses. Contact us for more information.

Tobii Pro Studio Software

A heatmap showing the products and prices that attract the most attention.

Do consumers see your products?

  • Is the consumer noticing your products, which variants are considered?
  • What competing products attract attention?
  • Is your main visual element communicating what you desire?
  • What message is perceived first (it may unfortunately be the last)?
  • What messages are being missed?

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