Location analytics - Retail

Location analytics with an online dashboard for measuring, comparing and evaluating visitors and trends in physical stores.

Watch a short animated movie that explains what location analytics is and how it works.

Location analytics - Retail

Our solution uses Wi-Fi and other technologies to analyze how people behave in a store environment. Location Analytics provides rich and insightful data that helps you understand the trends and effects of marketing. If you have people counters based on infrared switches, Location analytics is a very good addition. Location analytics can also be combined with our eye tracking solutions.

Why Location analytics

-To understand the conversion from footfall outside to shop visitors
– Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.
– Link online customer behavior to offline behavior.
– Evaluate and improve store layout.
– Measure the effect of merchandising & display windows.
– Understand in-store behavior, especially customers who do not buy.
– Follow customer loyalty and analyze ”Average Handling Time”.
– Collect real-time aggregated store visit data.

How it works

Discover people by their mobile phone presence

Integrate data input & POS

Receive insights from an online dashboard

Optimize KPI's

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