Location analytics

Location analysis with Wi-Fi technology

Our solution uses Wi-Fi and other technologies to analyze how customers behave in an environment. KPI’s from this data include the number of visitors (including real time), where people go, how long they stay and who are returning. Location Analytics can also be combined with our eye tracking solutions.

Location Analytics can be compared to Google Analytics for real-world environments.

Choose your area of interest

Number of people

We track the number of people in total, the number of unique persons and the number of repeat visitors.


Dwell time

Besides from the number of people, we also measure how long they stay and where they go.


How many people are passing, how many do you manage to convert into visitors and how many visitors do you convert into engaged visitors?

Indoor and outdoor

We can measure both indoor and outdoor environments.

How does Location Analytics work?

Discover people by identifying their smartphones

Integrate data input & POS

Get insights from online dashboard

Optimize KPI's


– Understand conversion in your physical stores, from footfall to visitor.

– Measure the impact of your marketing campaigns.

– Link your online travel and online travel.

– Evaluate and improve store size.

– Measure the effect of merchandising & display windows.

– Understand in-store behaviors, especially customers who do not buy.

– Measure, map and understand pedestrian traffic

– Understand people flows and dwell times

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