Real environments

Services we offer with eye tracking glasses

Marketing & Consumer research

For Marketing & Consumer Research, we can go into any environment and perform eye tracking tests. This way we can find out about the most influential factors that affect the experience in the environment in order to optimise the visual communication.

Retail undersökning med Tobii Glasses 2 i vekliga miljöer

Which products are being noticed and which are being missed?

Jason testar user experience och interaction med Tobii Pro Glasses 2

How intuitive and user friendly is your dashboard?

User experience & interaction

Eye tracking is a good tool to evaluate and optimise the user experience for different interfaces and interaction between man and machine, (such as driver and vehicle). It can reveal potential problems, risks and difficulties.

User friendliness & design

Eye tracking provides convincing and objective data that reveals the behavior behind usability and design problems.

Eye tracking i verkliga miljöer

Are your machines being used in the way you thought, or is the interface is difficult to understand?

In-store eye tracking research

Shop analysis for increased sales results.

Unlimited possibilities

The possibilities are (almost) unlimited for eye tracking in real environments.

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