About the company

The truth is out there…

Our company vision is to truly understand what drives customer behavior. We are an independent analytics company obsessed with the truth, no matter what needs to be done to find it.

We have gained real insights into shopper behavior by combining the latest technology with both qualitative and quantitative market research.

Our customers hire us to dig deep and uncover hidden potential in their products, websites, real world environments, or any type of marketing material.

You Need Insights to win!

Successful companies have one thing in common, they know more than their competitors. All companies need insights, especially on today’s extremely competitive market.

Using technologies and methods such as eye tracking, deep interviewing, website analytics tools, and location based sensors, valuable data can be collected. This is however only the start. All the data needs to be carefully analysed, both with the eye of a master statistician, and at the same time being able to apply a qualitative approach. Welcome to the world of Need Insights.

STING - Stockholm Innovation & Growth

STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. 


Creating value

We always strive to deliver the highest possible value in all of our projects. This is done by listening and gathering deep insights about your needs as a customer.


We turn customer data into valuable insights by using innovative methods in both statistical and qualitative analysis. By continuously educating ourselves we are always up-to-date with the latest trends.

Advanced technology

Our extensive experience with technologies such as eye tracking, web analytics, deep interviews, and location analytics, we will be able to understand even the most difficult types of consumer data.

Clear communication

Being transparent and clear in our communication is the only way we can deliver true value to you as our customer.