What is eye tracking

...and first impression eye tracking
Eye tracking component

What is eye tacking


Eye tracking is a method to measure and track eye movements and focus areas. We do this by using advanced eye tracking cameras with very high accuracy that can follow eye movements, fixation points and even measure pupil size. This information provides deep insights into consumer behavior in order to design revolutionary user interfaces and marketing material that reaches through the everyday noise.


First impression eye tracking

First impression eye tracking är en speciellt utformad mätmetod utvecklat av Need Insights. Genom att mäta det första intrycket kan vi förstå orsakerna bakom större delen av våra dagliga handlingar. Det som gör det första intrycket lite speciellt är att det sker på en undermedveten nivå vilket driver vårt beteende genom känslor. Med first impression eye tracking får ni insikter om hur konsumenterna verkligen uppfattar ert marknadsmaterial och era webbsidor.

Frequently asked questions


What do you use for eye tracking equipment

All of our eye tracking tests are performed with eye-tracking cameras and software from our supplier Tobii. We use X2-30 Eye trackers and Tobii Studio for our first impression testing and usability studies for websites. Tobii Glasses Pro 2 are used for real environments, human computer interfaces.


Which marketing materials can we test?
That is entirely up to you. Select advertisements and other materials that you use in the your marketing or select landing pages (web pages). We can test: – Home Pages – Newspaper – Newsletters – Flyers – Mässmonter- Roll-ups – Banners – Product Packaging – store shelves and much more.


How should the material be sent?
You can e-mail (info(at)needinsights.com) with your a material in PDF or JPG format. We will get back to you if it would be something more we need.
What is first impression eye tracking?

First impression eye tracking measures the first impression. The first impression is shaped on a subconscious level, it creates a feeling which then control our actions and decisions. By understanding the first impression we can influence how consumers react to your specific marketing materials. Although we believe that we are in control, most of our decisions are made on a subconscious level. Note: See the list of references in the last question.


How many test subjects do you use?
For usability studies usually recommended 3-8 test persons. For our first impression test, when we test with 10-15 people, we can find the patterns we are looking for, but we always use at least 20 people in all of our eye tracking tests for absolute data security. See the last question with a list of references where several of eye tracking books are discussed in detail about how to choose the right number of test persons.
Do we need any technical knowledge?
No, no technical knowledge is needed to understand our analyzes, reports and recommendations. Are there questions, then we are always available to help.


How do you choose your test subjects?
Three factors are used in the selection of subjects, these are:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Language

Do you need a more specific audience for your study? Tell us what criteria you have, and we adapt the study. For our first impression tests the factors above are used as audience targeting. The reason is that the first impression happens on a subconscious level, and then the conscious interest has not been activated yet.




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