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Sell More on Amazon – Shopper Behaviour Revealed

Market Research Report: 119 pages (PDF)
Boost your Amazon sales and gain advantage over competitors by learning about the decisive factors of how shoppers choose products.


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In many countries, Amazon has become the first port of call for so many everyday items that it is now essential for manufacturers across all sectors to be present with their products on the Amazon site.

The goal of the Amazon shopper is to reduce, as quickly as possible, an often unmanageable number of items to a small selection of suitable products from which they can choose the one most appropriate to their needs.

Market research we have conducted over a five year period on three continents demonstrates very clearly that the vast majority of Amazon shoppers want to start and complete their purchase as quickly as they can, even if that product costs as much as $500/€500.  In fact, the cheaper the item, the less time they are likely to invest in researching the product, which means that most of what the manufacturer posts on Amazon is superfluous to requirements and unlikely to be read.

This is often difficult for manufacturers to understand.  Why would the shopper not want to ensure that he or she is getting the best possible product for the budget available? In fact, many consumers think about it the other way round… Instead of looking for the product with the highest specification, what they actually want from the product description on Amazon is the reassurance that a set of basic, minimum requirements will be met when the product reaches their home.

This report is filled with insights, including…

  • What are the decisive factors for a product to be considered
  • What elements are important on the search results page
  • What shopper typologies are there
  • Why so many products are immediately dismissed
  • What are the essential factors to optimise on the product page
  • What type of images create interest, and which don’t
  • Understand the complete shopper journey on the Amazon website.

Start optimising your presence on Amazon so shoppers choose your products instead of your competitors.

Table of Contents   Page
A.    Introduction 6
B.     Methodology used 9
C.     Terms and abbreviations used in this report 10
D.    Overview of what if provided in this report 13
E.     Key findings from the research 15
F.     Summary of main findings: The consumer journey on Amazon 18
1.     Purchase triggers and barriers 19
2.     Shopper hierarchy of needs 21
3.     Overview and summary of the search process on Amazon 25
                                                    i.         Amazon homepage 27
                                                  ii.         At the decision page 29
                                                 iii.         At the Product Detail Page (PDP) 32
                                                 iv.         Product choice 35
G.    Main findings 38
1.     Homepage 38
2.     Decision Page 40
                                                        i.         Use of filters 43
                                                       ii.         The way in which the decision page is read 45
                                                      iii.         Advertising on the decision page 52
                                                      iv.         Attracting attention on the decision page with the key factors of choice 54
a.     Price 55
b.     Brand 56
c.      Product image 57
d.     Star rating 60
e.     Naming string 61
3.     At the PDP 64
                                                    i.         Shopper typology 66
                                                  ii.         Time spent on the PDP 70
4.     Above the fold on the PDP 73
                                                    i.         The image gallery 75
                                                  ii.         Use of video 78
                                                 iii.         Content of the image gallery 79
                                                 iv.         Image gallery (mobile) 81
                                                  v.         Product highlights (desktop) 83
                                                 vi.         Product description (mobile) 86
5.     Below the fold on the PDP (Amazon A+ page) 88
                                                        i.         Banner 93
                                                       ii.         Product Feature Modules 95
                                                      iii.         Comparison table 107
6.     Improving the Amazon A+ page 111
Appendix I – More about eye tracking 113
Appendix II – The research team and authors of the report 114

Report Title: Sell More on Amazon – Shopper Behaviour Revealed
Number of pages: 119
Edition: Second edition, 2.0
Published: June 2020 (first published May 2020)
Delivery: Sold as a digital product (PDF file)
Copyright: Need Insights AB
Authors: James Briggs, Jason McMillion, Salman Iqbal
Research methodology: Eye tracking and qualitative in-depth interviewing
Research conducted on continents: USA, Europe, Asia


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Jonas Grenfeldt

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