About the company

Expert in Eye tracking

  • We do huge amounts of eye tracking tests and have built up a large reference database.
  • We are eye tracking experts and use the latest eye tracking technology.
  • Our unique First Impression Eye Tracking method enables effective measurement and provides comparable data that is easy to understand.
  • First Impression Eye Tracking has been developed by Need Insights in order to quickly, cost-effectively and with very high precision, test all types of marketing materials.

Expert in Location analytics

  • People movement measurements in real world environments.
  • By placing sensors, we capture smart phones pings that are being sent out to find Wi-Fi networks.
  • Applicable in city centers, retail environments and events.
  • Our online dashboard shows trends and developments over time.
STING - Stockholm Innovation & Growth

STING (Stockholm Innovation & Growth) enables talented people to turn their ideas into sustainable businesses. 


Creating value

In all our assignments, we put our customer’s needs and wishes first. Everything we deliver has to deliver value for our customers.


With a unique method for first impression eye tracking, we deliver innovative services that create added value.

Advanced technology

We use high-tech equipment, which guarantees high accuracy and reliable results.

Clear communication

Clear communication is one of the cornerstones of our business. We strive to be clear, fast and correct in our communication.